Legal Project Management: You're Doing it Wrong

[getty src="456501701?et=r-qTYgCKT6Z9NXgfwpEQ1A&sig=Q0a2IK7BXklNSQs8J23lAC_2h8dh-WYylj8onTsfhdc=" width="507" height="387"] Legal Project Management is quite the buzzword these days. Of course the concept has been around for years, but the recent publication of the ABA's The Power of Legal Project Management has renewed the push for lawyers to adopt the project management techniques that have been used in the business world …

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The Seven Wastes of Lawyers

In my post about Waste I introduced the "Seven Wastes of Lean." As a quick review, remember that Value = Benefit – Investment and Investment = Time + Energy + Effort + Resources + Opportunity Waste, then, is any Investment that isn't offset by at least an equivalent increase in Benefit. Put another way, if the …

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