Customer Value

The Insidious Harms of Multitasking

Are you unconsciously cheating yourself and your clients by multitasking? Many people assume that multitasking creates efficiency, but as Oregon Law School professor Elizabeth Ruiz Frost writes in the February/March edition of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin, this logic is deeply flawed. Prof. Frost outlines the growing body of research showing how multitasking, far from …

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The Two Keys to Lawyer Profit (Spoiler Alert: Cost Control is Not One of Them)

It seems like far too long since I've revisited the Grand Unified Theory of Legal Value™ that inspired me to start this blog in the first place. I got a nice reminder, however, from an Inc. Magazine article this month titled The Two Keys to Profit. (unfortunately it appears to be print-only). The article is …

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Understanding your Client's User Stories

[getty src="165677174?et=fGc3Tfhry0KqzJNZDdNIew&sig=Da5RJx8whoT_s7JavSKp3Xgsg2wMMA06Vc5PBBdaan0=" width="400" height="400"] My thesis so far: You have a greater opportunity to increase customer Value by delivering more Benefit than by lowering customer Investment. If customer Value = Benefit – Investment (my original theory), then it is easy to see that lowering Investment (cost control) can have a noticeable impact on Value when the …

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