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Welcome from Start Here HQ!

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If you’ve landed on this page, you were probably looking for Start Here HQ, a business experiment I used to be a part of with some incredible legal thinkers. For a variety of reasons, we’ve (amicably) gone our separate ways, but we wanted to make sure folks could still find us so our domain name redirects here.

John E. Grant, CEO - Agile Attorney

I’m John E. Grant, and if you’re looking for workshops on law practice management, process improvement, project management, or related topics, please take a look at my principles and check out ways to work with me.

If you’re looking for one of the other Start Here HQ team members, you can find them here:

Caley Newberry Photography | www.caleykingnewberry.com

Alix Devendra is a designer and systems thinker who helps legal teams at the intersection of the future of law and the future of work, with a focus on how teams communicate and document their values, agreements, and processes. Learn more about Alix and contact her here.

Cat Moon is the Director of Innovation Design for the Program in Law and Innovation (PoLI) at Vanderbilt Law School. In this role, she works with PoLI colleagues to design the curriculum for both the JD program and the PoLI Institute, which provides interactive training in legal innovation to practicing lawyers and legal professionals. Learn more about Cat and contact her here.