Zoom is Safe for Lawyers (if you use it right)

October 2, 2016

Hi all. I’m making a few changes to the site, including moving away from a somewhat expensive hosting platform that I wasn’t really harnessing the power of. So it’s back to WordPress for now (and a really basic version at that, also for now).

If you’re looking for a post that you can’t find, please don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll steer you in the right direction.

About the author 

John E. Grant

John E. Grant is a strategic consultant to legal professionals and their teams. As founder of the Agile Attorney Network, he helps legal teams harness the tools of modern entrepreneurship to build more profitable, scalable, and sustainable practices. Click here to book a no-cost discovery call with John today.

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Zoom is Safe for Lawyers (if you use it right)

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