My Name is John E. Grant

And I help legal professionals create law practices they love. 

I am a fourth-generation lawyer, but my legal career didn't start that way. I spent years working in the business and technology world learning ways of working, managing customer expectations, and scaling teams using the agile methodology. In the end I became a practicing lawyer, however I still had one burning question:

"Since Agile works so well for technology teams, what can lawyers learn from it to make our work better too?"

In answering this question, I've made it my mission to help legal teams build practices that are profitable, scalable, and sustainable for themselves and their communities using the Agile Attorney methodology. To reach even more lawyers, I created the Agile Attorney Network, an exclusive membership for legal professionals who want to make a difference with their legal practice but who aren't ready for a one-on-one workshop.

The Agile Attorney Network is for...

Professionals Who Want to Have a Greater Impact

You'll discover how to draft powerful mission statements, create a practice that meets client needs, deliver value to your community, and improve access to justice.

Professionals Who Want to Get Better Client Results

You'll discover new ways of working that will free more time in your day, get better results for your clients, and make the job fun again.

Professionals Who Want to Scale their Practice

Discover how agile allows you to get more done and earn more revenue per lawyer without working longer hours, investing in new software, or running more marketing.

"I'm ready to grow my legal practice without adding more software, running new marketing, or working harder"

If that's you, then you're invited to join the Agile Attorney waitlist.
You'll be first to hear when we open up to new members and you can stay on the waitlist for as long as you need.