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I'd love to know what you think—about me, my work with you, my writings, my classes, or even the methods I use and teach (Agile, Lean, etc.). Please leave your feedback below to help me get better and to help others who might be thinking about adopting Agile methods for their own practices. Rather talk than type? Use the widget below!

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What Others Have Said about Working with John E. Grant

Jessica Birken Owner, Birken Law

Billable hours increased 70%!

After implementing the agile practices John taught me I feel so much more in control of my work! Plus, after one month my amount of billable hours increased 70% over the past 6-month average - Incredible!

Patrick Palace Owner, Palace Law Firm

We have hit the ground running since our session

I very much appreciate the skill John brought to the workshop and the information he was able to impart on my staff—they are already asking that I schedule a time for him to come back because they want to learn more.

Sam Glover Editor-in-Chief, Lawyerist

Better workflows for better peace of mind

John Grant introduced us to Kanban, which allowed us to turn a clunky and out-of-date procedures manual into a streamlined editorial workflow Kanban board. Adopting Agile methods has been so effective, that I have been able to take several vacations without checking in with my team.

Michael Polk

Helped me see and manage both the forest and the trees

John has inspired me to change the way I do things. I have had a Kanban board for about a year. It has helped me visualize the workflow and identify things that need I need to improve. Simply put, it has helped me see and manage both the forest and the trees.

Perry Smith Managing Partner

7-figure revenue growth in just two years

John's work with us has been critical to the way we handle our work, and our confidence to grow as a team and as a practice. In two years of working with him we have more than doubled our revenue and grown our revenue per lawyer by 140%.