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My response to an r/lawyers question about working with staff

I occasionally browse r/lawyers on Reddit¬†for various Legal Ops questions, and the other day I answered this one: For the past few years, I've been an associate at a small 4-attorney firm, my first out of law school. No support staff beyond a receptionist and a bookkeeper, and so I'm very used to doing my …

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Kanban in a Box Kit

I just got done presenting at the Ohio State Bar Legal Technology Conference where I tried out a new idea: Kanban in a Box. I only made a couple of prototypes and I gave them both away, but I'm working on putting a few more together and making them available on this site. In the …

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The Insidious Harms of Multitasking

Are you unconsciously cheating yourself and your clients by multitasking? Many people assume that multitasking creates efficiency, but as Oregon Law School professor Elizabeth Ruiz Frost writes in the February/March edition of the Oregon State Bar Bulletin, this logic is deeply flawed. Prof. Frost outlines the growing body of research showing how multitasking, far from …

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