Define Your Business Model

The Legal Practice Model Canvas

A bit of a mea culpa here: This is a post I started working on months ago and then never published because I didn't think I'd gotten things quite right. As longtime readers will recognize, this is fundamentally inconsistent with the Lean Startup principles I espouse--better to put the darn thing out there and see what …

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The Two Keys to Lawyer Profit (Spoiler Alert: Cost Control is Not One of Them)

It seems like far too long since I've revisited the Grand Unified Theory of Legal Value™ that inspired me to start this blog in the first place. I got a nice reminder, however, from an Inc. Magazine article this month titled The Two Keys to Profit. (unfortunately it appears to be print-only). The article is …

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Cost Control is Not the Final Answer

[getty src="95179659?et=pdLBI-0S70-vA0TN1qmISQ&sig=R7XtPLT8YecFRUyFkQrSiPdCiRmLrgWRDZtPkXG9Kcs=" width="507" height="407"] A few weeks ago I delivered a guest lecture at the Lewis & Clark Law School's Law Practice Management class about value creation and value theory. We went over a lot of topics, including some (too short) introductions to Lean and Agile as tools for understanding and delivering on a customer's …

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