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An Easy Way to Detect Law Firm BS

Back in my software industry days, our company president (the wonderful Sally Von Bargen) was ahead of her time when it came to a relentless focus on customer experience. Her term: Outrageous Customer Service. She was also fond of pithy management one-liners that, despite their folksy wisdom (or maybe because of it), were highly effective …

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Understanding your Client's User Stories

[getty src="165677174?et=fGc3Tfhry0KqzJNZDdNIew&sig=Da5RJx8whoT_s7JavSKp3Xgsg2wMMA06Vc5PBBdaan0=" width="400" height="400"] My thesis so far: You have a greater opportunity to increase customer Value by delivering more Benefit than by lowering customer Investment. If customer Value = Benefit – Investment (my original theory), then it is easy to see that lowering Investment (cost control) can have a noticeable impact on Value when the …

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Two Tips for Communicating Value

A quick question: Which marketing pitch would more likely get you to contact me? "I have years of experience working with clients to re-engineer their legal process flows to gain efficiency and reduce costs." -or-