Defining Value

As long as I’ve been practicing law, and certainly since the recent recession, I’ve heard much talk about “value” without a satisfactory explanation of what value is. You’ve heard it too: Clients talk about “getting more value for our legal spend,” lawyers talk about “delivering client value.” But what do they mean?Continue reading

Hello World

After several years away from blogging I’ve decided to give it another go with a new subject and an outrageous goal: to develop a Grand Unified Theory of Legal Value.™ I’ve spent years in operations, in legal practice, and in legal operations, always in search of ways to deliver outstanding customer value. While I’m not nearly so bold as to think that I can actually come up with the best and final answer to the legal value equation, I think it will be a lot of fun to try.

My hope is to discuss and draw from the tools and techniques that have powered modern businesses to new levels of achievement, but that aren’t (yet) widely practiced in the legal world. These include Lean, Agile, Six Sigma, Kanban, the Theory of Constraints, and surely others we’ll encounter along the way. I am a student of all of these methodologies, but I offer fealty to none. They all have their strengths, and each will suit some situations better than others.

If I do have devotion to a single concept, that concept is Kaizen, or continuous improvement.Continue reading

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