The Seven Wastes of Lawyers

In my post about Waste I introduced the "Seven Wastes of Lean." As a quick review, remember that Value = Benefit – Investment and Investment = Time + Energy + Effort + Resources + Opportunity Waste, then, is any Investment that isn't offset by at least an equivalent increase in Benefit. Put another way, if the …

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Two Tips for Communicating Value

A quick question: Which marketing pitch would more likely get you to contact me? "I have years of experience working with clients to re-engineer their legal process flows to gain efficiency and reduce costs." -or-

Is Dynamic Pricing an Alternative to Hourly Billing?

A quick detour from my search for the Grand Unified Theory of Legal Value... I had high hopes for Carolyn Elefant's blog post The Billable Hour Stifles Pricing Innovation. I heartily agree with Elefant's premise that the billable hour can stifle innovation. Unfortunately, I don't especially like her article's logic for getting to that conclusion.

Defining Value

As long as I've been practicing law, and certainly since the recent recession, I've heard much talk about "value" without a satisfactory explanation of what value is. You've heard it too: Clients talk about "getting more value for our legal spend," lawyers talk about "delivering client value." But what do they mean?

Hello World

After several years away from blogging I've decided to give it another go with a new subject and an outrageous goal: to develop a Grand Unified Theory of Legal Value.™ I've spent years in operations, in legal practice, and in legal operations, always in search of ways to deliver outstanding customer value. While I'm not …

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