You’re stuck.
I can fix that in 90 minutes or less.

"I let out a primal scream for help, and the echo came back, call John Grant. I'm so glad I did."  
          —Sara Yen, Estate Planning Lawyer, Lake Oswego, Ore.

We all hit roadblocks. And maybe if you work in a big fancy organization you have some fancy professional folks you can turn to for their special kind of magic. 


If you're like most people you kinda have to figure things out on your own. And most of the time you're pretty good at it—you've probably built a solid practice that does great work for your clients. But every so often things get stuck. Maybe you know where, but lots of times it sets in as a sort of general malaise that's hard to put your finger on. You know that things should be working better than they are, but you can't quite crack the nut on how to do it.

John E. Grant a/k/a The Agile Attorney

That's where I can help.

Getting law practices unstuck is what I do. I'm the guy who shows up with a toolbox full of contraptions that you've might have heard about but don't really know how they work I've spent my professional career not just learning how to use 'em, but how to pick the right one for the job. 

It's hard to explain exactly how it works, but think about it like this:

  • If your workflow pipelines are clogged up, I can get things flowing again and figure out how to replace that section that keeps causing you trouble. 
  • If your practice is in a ditch, I can pull it back on to the road and we'll knock out a few of the dents before sending you on your way. 
  • The specifics of what I do will depend on what you need, but I'm pretty darn sure I can help. And if I can't, you don't pay me.

But you have to take the first step and book a session with me.

"It took a year of stewing, but just a week after a session with John I pushed my new legal subscription offering live and it started selling right away. Thank you, John!!!!  #getoutofmyownway"
          —Megan Zavieh, California State Bar Defense Lawyer

The "Agility Now!" Bottleneck Breakthrough Jam - $1499

The Breakthrough Jam is a 90-minute structured workshop for you and your team (up to 7 people) to identify and break through the primary bottleneck that is choking your productivity. You will leave the session with clarity, focus, and inspiration to simplify your processes and get more done.

Step 1: Book a time for our session. You'll pay up front, but it is fully refundable if you don't feel like you get a good value. Don't worry that you're going to hurt my feelings, I can take it. Also, these sessions work so I'm not worried.

Step 2: You'll have some optional homework. Partly to let me know a little more about your needs and partly to get yourself up to speed on some of my methodologies. Do as much or as little of it as you feel like—we'll make good progress either way. But we'll probably get a little further down the road if you do some prep work.

Step 3: When the time comes, we'll meet virtually using my online workspace. It's basically a giant digital whiteboard that we can draw all over, put up sticky notes, and do some other cool stuff that a regular whiteboard can't do. You'll be able to keep using that room for as long as you need to, or you can save it as a PDF to reference later.

Step 4: I'll follow up periodically to make sure you're on track, and you can ask me as many questions over email as you want. We can even schedule a quick follow-up call if that's what you need (all part of the package). You'll also get free access to my library of online courses and other resources for the next month with a complimentary membership in the Agile Attorney Network.

Jose Klein Partner

Jose Klein

John has provided my firm with invaluable advice since its inception. Our first act as a law firm was for my partner and me to sit down with John and develop a mission statement. Since then, he has been a touchstone at every stage of the firm's growth. He continuously helps us clarify what we do, and how each decision relates back to the firm’s mission. John's wisdom, encouragement, and fresh ideas have made us not just more efficient and profitable but also helped us deliver better services to more clients. Providing better help to more people is the whole reason we got into this business!